About us

Who we are ?
  • Intellocart is a platform which enables users to get desired products from across the marketplace leveraging Smart Search technologies and inference engine based out of community's knowledge graph.

  • What we do ?
    Intellocart is a Community that connect users to Discover, Share and Inspire the Fashion Trends. In order to enrich the community Intellocart provides a Smart Search engine which enables users to search products across multiple E-commerce Stores. Intellocart inspires the user’s Daily outfit using Artificial Intelligence considering Community suggestions, latest trends & various user’s aspects. Intellocart provides platform where budding Artists, Brands, Reputed Designers & Fashionistas can share designs, seek reviews & opinions and promote trends.
    Intellocart’s Team is working constantly on product improvements and building a community around fashion lovers, trying to bring more and more features on our platform so that you can be more comfortable while discovering and sharing fashion trends amongst other fashionistas.